Black Panther has recently been released, and it has impressed audiences throughout the world. Among the people that have been happy with the film and the success of the film are African Americans. One thing that they have often said is that it is rare that there is a black superhero. Some people would go so far to say that Black Panther is the first black superhero film. However, this ignores other characters like Blade who is the first super hero to appear on screen without it being a parody. Other films that have shown black superheroes were Blankman and Meteor Man, both were comedies.

One thing that can be said for Black Panther is that it is the first black Marvel superhero film with a predominantly black cast. The other black superhero films that were serious had a black lead with the rest of the cast being non-black. The best part is that the film is a success which shows that there is a market for movies with a predominantly black cast that is not a hood movie.

One of the best things about Black Panther is that it is a black movie that shows a positive image of a black culture. At the same time, it does feature a character in the film that gives nods to the real world and the struggles that other people outside of the fictional city of Wakanda have gone through. Black Panther has not only had a really good superhero, but a really good villain as well. This is the type of villain where even though he is a bad person, his motives are easy to understand.