The James Bond films established a reputation for twists, turns, and surprises. At times, these things don’t always happen on screen. The behind-the-scenes developments associated with the making of the movies could be filled with unique happenings. The proposed Bond 25 film seems to be going through an upheaval of sorts. A new screenplay is being written. Since the screenplay may take several months to finish, the entire project could be delayed.

After the mild disappointment of Spectre, the future of the James Bond series seemed murky. Star Daniel Craig publicly quite the series, which certainly didn’t help perceptions about the franchise. Craig did agree to come back to appear as Bond one last time, but the producers also wished to attract a big-name director to the film.

Danny Boyle of Trainspotting fame seems to be the frontrunner for the job. Boyle, however, wishes to work on his own script and not be locked into filming the already completed script. Once Boyle’s version is submitted, the studio will make a decision on which script to select.

Apparently, MGM and EON Productions believe a major director known for critically acclaimed works is needed to deliver a successful 25th outing. The producers might also want the new film to remain on a more stable shooting schedule. Spectre went way overbudget leading to fears the film could have suffered major losses. Spectre did do well at the box office although sales were less than what was achieved with Skyfall. Spectre wasn’t as good of a film as Skyfall so weak word of mouth and reviews might have contributed to a softer audience response.

Bond 25 moves forward with Daniel Craig, but the project now must move forward much more slowly. If the second screenplay turns out to be a rejected one, MGM and EON Productions cannot make up the lost time. And time always means money.