The long-awaited reboot of American Idol has gotten off to a strong start, with millions of viewers across America tuning in to cheer on their favorite contestants. On April 29th, audiences were thrilled to see a theme that was 16 years in the making – a Disney night. This was a natural theme for the Disney-affiliated ABC to unveil, and the show had a lot of fun spreading the Disney magic throughout the evening.

The judges got into the spirit of the evening, with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan wearing buttons with dwarf names on them and Katy Perry dressed as Snow White. She also spoke like Snow White for the first few minutes, imitating her high-pitched, cheerful voice. The special guest of the evening was Idina Menzel, the Broadway star best known to Disney fans as the voice of Elsa in “Frozen.” She served as the mentor to each of the contestants, helping them to perfect their performances.

Before each performance, audiences saw contestants enjoying Disneyland with a friend or family member and preparing for the performance with Menzel. Song choices went back as far as “Once Upon a Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty,” with the most recent selection being “Remember Me” from “Coco.” Other song choices included “The Bare Necessities,” “The Circle of Life,” “Colors of the Wind,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” “How Far I’ll Go” and “Kiss the Girl.”

The audience voted live, so the results were available at the end of the two-hour show. At that time, three contestants were eliminated from the competition. The remaining seven – Catie Turner, Maddie Poppe, Michael J. Woodard, Cade Foehner, Jurnee, Gabby Barrett and Caleb Lee Hutchinson – will compete for the Top Five in a Prince-themed night.