Everyone has heard of cleansing conditioner by now and there are tons of brands out there that have their own version of this product. While some other brands might do it well, for those that want the true experience, WEN by Chaz Dean is the way to go.

It is often difficult to find a product that works for a wide range of users but WEN has been formulated to work on a wide range of hair types, hair ages, hair styles, even colored and permed hair. WEN was the first big name brand cleansing conditioner to hit the market and as such they still have one of the best formulas on the market as far as cleansing conditioners go.

The formula is light weight but incredibly moisturizing to help put moisture into your hair and keep it there. This is a product that will not weigh your hair down as traditional conditioners tend to do and it will also not leave a residue or film on the hair shaft. WEN Hair is designed to provide moisture and help to remove the dirt and build up from the hair without stripping natural oils that are essential for healthy hair.

WEN helps to maintain hair style while adding softness and shine but it does not weigh down your style. Overall, WEN is different from other cleansing conditioners on the market because they have time to focus on the formula and product without having to worry about making other products as well. WEN only makes cleansing conditioners and cleansing balms so users can be sure that the formula is perfected and that they are getting a high quality product that is going to give them the hair they always dreamed of.

If you are looking for a cleansing conditioner, the original is the way to go.

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