Given that Deadpool is in the X-Men universe and that there are other characters of the X-Men featured in the Deadpool movies, people are probably expecting a Wolverine and Deadpool movie. However, producers are downplaying the possibilities. There are a few reasons behind this. One reason is that it has been only a year since Hugh Jackman has hung up the claws in his last movie called Logan, and another reason is that the studios are in the process of figuring out the details. Kevin Feige of Disney has already said that it could be a handful of years before X-Men characters and other characters owned by Fox might start appearing in the MCU. However, this has very little to do with Deadpool.

One thing that is worth considering is that the Fox franchise of the X-Men has a few more movies left. There is the Dark Phoenix Saga, and The New Mutants for one thing. As far as Deadpool is concerned, there are plenty of other characters that are making appearances in the franchise. With Deadpool 2 reportedly likely to be the last of the solo Deadpool movies before moving into X-Force, this may lower the possibility even further.

One thing that could be said is that Wolverine is unlikely to appear in a Deadpool movie, especially played by Hugh Jackman. He might appear in a later film that features Deadpool, perhaps as a recast. Imagine the remarks Deadpool would make about the character. There is no telling who they are going to recast or what is going to be different about the next Wolverine compared to Hugh Jackman. The only thing is that the next actor is going to have some really big shoes to fill.